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Reexen Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Reexen or the company), takes high-performance mixed signal AI acceleration chips as its core products, and can provide the overall solution consisting of chip hardware platform and software algorithm. Founded in Dec2017, Reexen has offices both in Shenzhen and in Zurich. It is a global leader in the field of sensor-end AI chips.

The mixed signal AI acceleration chip developed by the company takes the approach of mixed signal computing, breaking through the limitation of traditional digital circuit Moore's Law. The mixed signal computing chip solves problems of latency and high energy consumption in analog to digital conversion and digital signal transmission by directly processing the sensor data in real-time in raw analog form. Moreover, the precision of our chips can be adjusted for different application scenarios, such as voice detection and recognition, visual detection and recognition etc., which is an important technological breakthrough suitable for future passive wireless intelligent Internet of Things. Currently, the mixed signal processing chip using this technology has been successfully taped out.

Reexen brings together a group of top talents with world-class chip design experience. The company's founding team comes from ETH Zurich (QS World Ranking No. 6). Other core members graduated from international top universities such as NTU Singapore, TU Munich, CUHK, etc., and worked for Huawei, IMEC, Tencent, Xilinx, ARM, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known domestic and foreign companies, with rich experience in chip design, neural network algorithms and computing architectures. On average, the members have engaged themselves in related area for over ten years and have published plenty of papers in top conferences and journals (such as ISSCC, JSSC, TCAS, ISCAS, Frontiers in Neuromorphic Engineering, NIPS, SIGMOD, TODS, etc.).

Reexen has obtained several million USD investment from top VC.

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